Wednesday, June 25, 2008

OK, so I'm posting a ton of pictures from April and May. So, I'm a little late, but better late than never! Here is a cute pic of Mark and Erik waiting in line at Disneyland back when Grandma and Grandpa Rueckert were visiting us! All the boys! Jonathan's chin has healed amazingly! He's doing a great job keeping his tongue IN his mouth! This pic is from this past April...I think.
Pinewood Derby! Yahoo! We're lovin' scoutin'.

Eventually I'll figure out how to post everything all at once rather than creating new posts all the time all on the same day...well..I just wanted to add a picture of Daniel and Jonathan at Daniel's Pine Wood Derby...cute brothers. And here are Mark and Erik in line for a ride at Disneyland back when Grandma and Grandpa Rueckert were visiting...ok, enjoy, blogging is fun!
Here...I've finally figured out how to type things above pictures!!! Let's see if it works...Here's Matthew! Here's Mark catching a frog on one of our hikes over spring break...back in April.
Here we are hiking and singing pioneer songs!!
Here we are at Mark's pre-school open house...Mark didn't want to take off the pirate patch for the picture...the theme was pirates...those great role models for kids...gotta love it.
Here we are with Erik on his side of the room, there were four sets of twins between the two rooms so the teachers had their open houses 1/2 hour apart to help out the parents of twins. Mark and Erik were the only twins who were the same gender.

Hiking was so fun and Mark caught frogs and Daniel and Jonathan caught tadpoles and Erik was so much fun just being a part of it all!

So, here are more pictures of baby Matthew. He is cutting his top two teeth now and he tends to scream very, very high pitched screams when he wants something...but it's getting better. Some days are better than others. He gets 'bonked' a lot too. I don't need to explain that one. Dan's mom even suggested we get a helmet for him to wear...sob, sob. A miracle is what we need to all survive! Enjoy more pics.

Hangin' in there with the 'blog'...

Hi All! I was reminded by dear sister Sarah that I need to put more pictures of Matthew, because no one knows what he looks like!!! And he's the cutest baby! We love and adore him so much! are some pictures of him. And I also want to add some pictures of the Father's and Sons' campout. Mark and Erik had such a blast with their flashlights. The highlight of the camp out was that they all got to go outside their tent and use the lights! Dan said that they said they had to go to the bathroom atleast five times just so they could go outside in the dark!! So, here's a funny picture Dan got of two lights...the larger light is Mark and the smaller light is Erik. So cute. Enjoy and I'll try to learn how to blog better when we go out to MD in a few weeks...I hope Amanda can help me do better with it all. Enjoy.