Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Here...I've finally figured out how to type things above pictures!!! Let's see if it works...Here's Matthew! Here's Mark catching a frog on one of our hikes over spring break...back in April.
Here we are hiking and singing pioneer songs!!
Here we are at Mark's pre-school open house...Mark didn't want to take off the pirate patch for the picture...the theme was pirates...those great role models for kids...gotta love it.
Here we are with Erik on his side of the room, there were four sets of twins between the two rooms so the teachers had their open houses 1/2 hour apart to help out the parents of twins. Mark and Erik were the only twins who were the same gender.

Hiking was so fun and Mark caught frogs and Daniel and Jonathan caught tadpoles and Erik was so much fun just being a part of it all!


Inger said...

That was such a good idea to take little adventures each day of spring break. Inexpensive and yet very fun for the boys. You have good ideas, Elise.

The Thomas Family said...

I love seeing pictures of you and Dan, too. I miss you guys and wish SO much that we lived closer.

Your boys are so handsome. They look like they are NICE, too. Benson has had some negative encounters with kids the last few months and it is SO hard on me. I want him to play with NICE kids. I wish he could come over to your back yard!!!!!!!!!

How's that for exclamation points, Linda???

The Thomas Family said...

And of course you are singing pioneer songs. I love it.

When you post pictures, click to make them LARGE.

The Hyde's said...

Parent teacher night must be busy for you guys. I am glad you are posting more pictures and info on your bolg now. Keep it up!! You are a great example to me and a great friend.

Likely said...

That frog picture is THE BEST! We zoomed in on it too and the frog is so funny! He has his hand on his chest and his eyes closed so we were making up funny things that he would be saying like, "Alas, you have awoken me from my deep slumber" and "Be still my soul", and "Who art thou , oh smiling giant?"

funny! And the look on Mark's face.