Thursday, September 25, 2008

Here we all are at the St. Lawrence River, having a marvelous time, while mom practices driving while holding a child and having four other children in the boat. Daddy was just pretending to be there so I could act like I was by myself...for practice...hee, hee.
Here are a few of the gang balancing the raft in front of Ponemah. Daniel and Dan are there.
I just had to add this funny picture that some one took of me...thus is life at the River! I love washing my hair in it!!!
Here is Matthew and Mommy.
Mark and Jonathan were Brielle's biggest fans during our trip. They got to feel like they had a sister...all the boys did and they all enjoyed being with Brielle sooo much. And Dean of course!
Here are Jonathan and Mark and Brielle playing and pretending to sleep in the back yard!
Here we all are just before the BYU football game. Doesn't look like Brielle is used to us yet here...she did like us...really!
Yeah! Dan had an "in" because he is alumni and we got to go out on the field and see the team run out on the much fun! It was so loud and Matthew was soo tired and he cried during the national anthem, but then he actually did sleep for a good 45 minutes to an hour in Dan's arms!
Here is my dear cousin, Suzanne, who I hadn't seen for a long time! We had a great visit.
The boys enjoyed our 12 seat van and they all sat in the last row most of the trip because it was the only way they could all watch a movie on our dvd player at the same time!
I got to see my college roomate Jenny Mott and we ate at the creamery and went to Bean Museum!
This was so fun! We took the boys to the BYU football office and they got to see where their daddy used to practice! Daniel wanted to go out on the field and get an autograph and later found out the guys on the field were injured players!
Here we are at the real football practice! The boys got to see the new indoor practice gym and we got to watch them for a little while! So fun!
Chris and I eating taco salad!

Summer Vacation

Our Rueckert Family vacation began in July! We went to a fun pirate reenactment on the banks of the Susquehanna!
I want all my siblings to see that I actually got up on one ski, after 12 tries and my dear, dear sister in law, Keri Bryant, was the patient driver who cheered me on! I did this for my boys! I was so sore afterwards!
Grandma Rueckert having fun with her two grand sons: Oliver and Matthew.
Here's Matthew just enjoying being a part of it all. He's doing his best to keep up with all of his brothers.
Here are Matthew's brothers on the first day of school for Daniel and Jonathan!