Thursday, September 25, 2008

Here we all are at the St. Lawrence River, having a marvelous time, while mom practices driving while holding a child and having four other children in the boat. Daddy was just pretending to be there so I could act like I was by myself...for practice...hee, hee.
Here are a few of the gang balancing the raft in front of Ponemah. Daniel and Dan are there.
I just had to add this funny picture that some one took of me...thus is life at the River! I love washing my hair in it!!!
Here is Matthew and Mommy.


The Thomas Family said...

Looks like so much fun. You're so lucky to have a place like that to take your kids to.
Good job driving and traveling so much with 5 boys! I tell everyone about you, Elise, you're amazing.

Inger said...

It looks like a wonderful time!

Linda said...

so so fun! matthew looks so cuddly in that last one. I miss you guys!

Inger said...

"Wash you hair, wash your hair, keep it shiny... wash your hair...
where does that come from? Do you want some more of those tapes for Jonathan's birthday?

The Hyde's said...

The island is such a beautiful and fun place to be. I am glad you guys get the chance to go out their and enjoy it with all the Bryant's.

Keri said...

YAY, Elise!
LOVE LOVE LOVE that you got yourself up on your blog on your one ski!
Own it, girl. So glad I got props on your blog, too.
Cute pix of the island. I will have mine up soon of all of the one with cousins, from my other camera. Wasnt it fun while it lasted?
So good seeing you and the gang.
I love and miss you tons!
Keri - the sister in law who pulls skiers! :)

james and natalie said...

ah! i just love seeing all these little rueckerts multiplying! the world needs more rueckerts!

Laura said...

Elise-your family is beautiful! Glad to see you got the big family you always wanted & twins. :) Love that pic of you & Jen Mott-but what about your other renegade roommate??
Would love to get back in touch with you.